Dear CGG Runners,

Thank you for your interest in this long race. You will find most of your questions regarding this race on this website. If after you finish reading all of the information you still have questions please do not hesitate to contact. My email is

Race Timeline

a. Friday, March 20th, 5:00 am: start of the CGG 155. The start line is at: 32.083652, -81.086143

b. Friday, March 20th, 9:00 am: start of CGG 100. The start is at Smallest Church in America, Townsend, GA 31331.

The CGG 100 and 155 are almost entirely on open roads, primarily, highway 17. The amount of time you will spend running on trail is currently minimal (roughly 20% of the course). On parts of this course the traffic can be very hairy. Some sections of the course can be sketchy.

Crews, your attentiveness to your runner will be crucial! Please keep constant tabs on your runner(s). If at any time during the run you experience a problem and/or have questions about the course, the run, -what-have-you, do not hesitate to call the Rough Runners crew that will be on the course the duration of the run. Our names and phone numbers are at the bottom of this message.

We are starting both races off early (especially, the 155) as to minimize your exposure to traffic in Chatham county (Savannah). The traffic is not so bad for the 100 mile runners but there are lots of truck traffic on highway 17 where both groups will be running.

The weather on the coast of Georgia can be very erratic, changing on a whim. I would bank on the early daylight hours being cool, afternoons a bit warm and the nights chilly. Humidity is a given down here. Your crew should be attentive to weather conditions and be prepared to have dry clothes, rain gear ready to hand to you.

This is an all weekend run. Friday and Saturday nights may bring out some knuckleheads. So, be wary of drunk and/or distracted drivers especially in the Brunswick area. You will be running right through Brunswick. Brunswick is also the 100 mile mark area. Some of you may reach this area Saturday night when the partiers are out. Run with caution. Runners crews should never be too far and should be alert.

Your race booklets are your guideposts. Keep it with you at all times. Memorize it if you have to. The race booklet should answer most if not all of your questions. The race website has a lot of pertinent information as well. So, please check it out: CGG 100 and 155 race website

As much as you can, run against traffic when running on the roads! Honestly, there should be no running with traffic on the roads. Use sidewalks as much as you can when available! Please know that some shoulders on highway 17 are very narrow and you may be forced to run on grass and, that grass may not be mowed down much. The road shoulders can also have ant piles that magically appear, wreaking havoc on your legs. Be careful with that.

At dawn, and at dusk, you should be wearing a reflective vest with some type of light – headlamp, handlights, blinking lights whatever your choice is but you must be lit up while running in the dark. Do not run at night without a light on, -on you or, without a reflective vest. If we see you doing so we’re going to stop you until you are donning the right night running attire. There are no exceptions to this. We want to see you finish this run without tire tread marks over your body.

Critter encounters while running the CGG are very rare and, when they do happen the critter usually runs away from you. That said, common sense should be utilized nevertheless. Feral pigs are common all along the coast. I’ve seen them just off the trail outside of Woodbine. You may also come across alligators and snakes. On my first CGG attempt I tripped over a three foot dead alligator. So, even dead, alligators can be problematic. 😉 . More than likely, the only critters you’ll have to contend with during your run will be stinging insects if its warm enough.

There are mandatory check-ins on the course. Please have your crews communicate with us as you near a check in so that we will know to have someone there to meet you and stamp your book. Kerry, Jason and I will be on the course and, one of us, will greet you at the check-ins. Once your booklet is stamped you may go on your way.

At the check-ins, we’ll have water, gatorade, gels available but not much more than that. You are responsible for your main nutrition and hydration.

Check-in station’s 
1. mile marker 0: Hutchinson Island, start line
2. mile marker 29: Chatham-Bryan Check-in station, King’s Ferry
3. mile marker 45: Liberty county-Midway (cemetery)
4. mile marker 58: McIntosh county-Smallest Church in America –CGG 100 RUNNERS START HERE
5. mile marker 83: Darien Waterfront Park
6. mile marker 101: Glynn county-Windsor Park, Brunswick
7. mile marker 129: Camden county-Satilla River Waterfront Park, Woodbine

If you have to stop running for a duration of time please let us know! If you plan to stop for the night/day, -you must reach a check-in to do so. Again, one of the RR crew will meet you there and stamp your book. And, let us know when you are coming back to continue running. If you leave the course to sleep/rest you must start again at the check-in you checked out of prior to exiting the course. Take a selfie or have someone take a photo of the check-in your starting at again and send it to Kerry, Jason and I. We don’t have to be there before you start again but we want to know you started where you left off from.

If you make the decision to end your run (which we truly hope it doesn’t happen) please, please, please let us know asap!

All of you are veteran ultra runners and total badasses and, I really do not need to say this but, I will…We want you to finish this run. We know you have it in you to complete this. You will remember this journey for the rest of your lives. Although, many things can happen to keep you from fulfilling this goal, unless your health or life is imperiled, don’t quit. Pain and discomfort are part of the package of adventure and great achievement. I assure you…the sense of fulfillment from completing this will be with you long after the buckle you’ll get at the finish line loses its shine and luster.

You have our phone numbers. Do not hesitate to communicate with us any where along your journey! We’re here for you!

When the journey gets tough and, it will get tough! Don’t quit! Remind yourself why this journey at this moment in your life is so damned important to you. Dig deep and run on.

Wishing you all the best!

Dan, Kerry and Jason!

Run with your tribe.

Dan hernandez: 912.777.9147

Kerry dulina: 678.416.1933

Jason edenfield: 912.312.9151Scott owenby: 843.801.2524