The Grit

The Grit

The Grit is a three day five stage running race of varying distances that add up to over 100 miles by the completion of the fifth stage.  The winner of the Grit will be the runner with the lowest cumulative time at the completion of the fifth stage.

Runners have the option of signing up for the 5 stage race (The Grit) or, sign up for individual stages.

Each stage is its own race.

Runners that signup for individual stages are not eligible to win the Grit, just the stage they have signed up for.  If a runner that is only signed up for one stage wins a stage of the race she will be awarded the overall winner of that stage.  The same goes if the winner of any particular stage is signed up for the 5 stage race.

The Grit begins on Friday, October 4th and ends on Sunday, October 6th.  The Grit is a very tough race.  The layout of it does not allow much time in between stages for recovery.  

Stages Breakdown

  • Stage 1: True Grit 50k.  Friday, 10/04. This race will be entirely on a certified 400m track and, start at 6:00 pm.
  • Stage 2: Shrimp and Grits 5k. Saturday, 10/05.  7:00 am start time.
  • Stage 3: Skidaway Grit 50 Miler. Saturday, 10/05.  9:15 am start time.
  • Stage 4: Lick of the Grit 30k. Sunday, 10/06. 7:00 am start time
  • Stage 5: Wormsloe Mile. Sunday, 10/06. 1:00 pm start time


  • 50k: $65, swag: finisher medal, singlet
  • 5k: $35. swag: finisher medal, shirt
  • 50 mile: $75, swag: finisher medal, zippered hoodie
  • 30k: $50, swag: finisher medal, long sleeve shirt
  • 1 mile: $30, swag: finisher medal, entry to wormsloe
  • Grit: $235, All five stages, swag offered by the five stages, buckle if complete every stage