Rough Runners 2018 Quarterlies

Dimitris Newton and Jacy Vergera , top male and female of the June 19th Rough Runners Games


The Rough Runners Quarterlies is a fun, competitive, challenging event held every four months to locate your fitness level.   You have seven movements to work through where you max out for one minute each per movement with the exception of the plank which will last five minutes.

The RR Quarterlies are comprised of typical Rough Runners challenge workouts.  Participating in the Quarterlies is a great way to gauge your overall fitness four times a year and, to motivate you to keep working hard and pushing past limits.

To prepare for the Rough Runners Quarterlies or, for an excellent workout log book,  we provide a booklet you may download and print —> roughrunner2017-booklet

For the booklet printer settings please refer to this screenshot: 

The aforementioned booklet is a great guidebook for helping you  kickstart an exercise program that also helps you keep count of your daily food and calorie intake.  If you’re looking for people to workout with we meet at the Tompkins Center at 2319 Ogeechee Rd, Savannah, GA 31415 every Monday and Wednesday from 6:15 to 7:15 for a high intensity circuit workout.  You’ll dig it.

The Rough Runners games are part of the Rough Runners Trail Race Series

Participants will do the following movements and exercises.  Aside from the planks, each movement last 1 minute long and in that minute you max out reps.  For the planks, you attempt to last for 5 minutes.

  • push up max out
  • mountain climbers max out
  • lunges max out
  • squats max out
  • inch worm max out
  • burpees max out
  • plank blaster 5 minute challenge
  • 1 mile sprint
  • 1/2 mile tire run

Participants will break down into groups of 2 to 3.  The instructor will call everyone to prepare for the first 1 minute challenge.  The instructor will announce the start of each challenge.  One participant in each group, at a time, will take turns doing their challenge while the other(s) participant(s) keep count.  When the one minute is up the instructor will announce it and the participants will then switch until everyone in each group gets a chance to do their 1 minute challenge of each exercise.

There will be a two minute rest while transitioning from one exercise challenge to the next.

The second to last challenge is the 5 minute plank blast.  Everyone goes as long as they can until the 5 minutes are past.

Who ever has the most reps of each category and also has the fastest mile wins the games.  The top male and female of the Games will each get a trophy award.  Top male/female of each age group category also gets awarded with additional ribbons.

The awards ceremony will take place right after the last mile runner finishes.

Points system breakdown

  • 5 points for every movement you win
  • 8 points for the fastest mile run
  • 8 points for fastest tire run
  • 8 points for reaching 5 minutes of planks
  • 2nd place mile: 4 pts
  • 3rd place mile: 2 pts
  • overall male/female winner of games: 10 pts


  • overall male/female games winners: trophy and certificate with totals at the end of year, stickers
  • complete the games: certificate with totals