Join us twice a week at the Tompkins Community Center for a 45 minute hiit workout! Classes are free!
Days: Monday and Wednesday
Time: 6:15 – 7:00 pm
Meet in the weight room
Address: Tompkins Community Center, 2319 Ogeechee rd, Savannah, Ga 31415, Phone: 912.651.6789

Dimitris killing it with the battle ropes

Workout held by: Dimitris Newton
Primary Contact Dimitris via email:
Secondary Contact: Dan Hernandez, email: or 912.777.9147

RR HIIT Workout consists of the following movements:
mountain climbers
back lunges
front lunges
push ups
bicycle kicks
flutter kicks
kettle bells
battle ropes

3 sets of each movement with 40 second intervals. There is a 40 second rest in between sets.
Plank sets last 1 minute 10 seconds each with 3 sets each. The rest brakes in between plank sets are 30 seconds long.

Do as much as you can during the 40 second and 1:10 intervals. If you have to rest momentarily, do so. Challenge yourself, though and, try to go as long as you can each set.