Rough Runners Race Series

There are three components to the  Rough Runners Race Series in earning points, Races, Challenges and Acts.


Each race, act and challenge listed below has a certain number of available points.  Points are earned when you complete a run or challenge, place in a run, volunteer for an event, do an act.  To be eligible for the RR Trail Race Series you must have registered and have completed at least, one Rough Runners race during the calendar year of the Series.

There is a maximum number of points that can be earned per race.  For a race, you may earn points by completing your race, placing in race, winning the masters division and, by volunteering at a race.

There is no fee for taking on a challenge.  For challenges, though, you must complete the challenge in order to earn the points.  You don’t complete the challenge, you don’t get the points.  Also, you must be able to prove that you completed the challenge with gps maps, times and pictures.  If you cannot prove that you completed the challenge you will not be awarded any points.

Acts speak stronger than words.  For the Acts’ points, you still must register and complete at least one Rough Runners race.  The Acts are a way of doing your part in helping those without a voice, those without power.  These Acts call to action volunteering your time to clean up your streets and beaches of trash, nurture nature, care for those in need whether human or critter…basically, do your part as a kind human.


You do not have to participate in the Challenges nor the Acts to be in the Race Series but being a part of these will give you the opportunity to gain extra points to pull ahead and perhaps win the Race Series.

You may wonder why the Rough Runners Race Series is so unlike any other race series around.  The answer is that we believe in a life of adventure.  Adventure immerses you in a new world full of passion, danger, excitement, fear.  Adventure is almost never easy but it always fulfills.  It broadens our horizons and exposes us to new perspectives.

With Rough Runners, we try to tap into that adventuresome spirit.  We yearn for it.  We encourage it.  We go after it.  That’s what sets us apart from other running organizations and, from any other race series you may come across.

We’re not like the others but that’s okay…a little different is a good thing!  So, tap into your inner adventurer, explorer and, run with us, -climb with us, -kayak with us…push yourself to the edge and, take the plunge!

This Race Series does not necessarily reward the fastest but, the strongest and, the adventurer.  Strength comes in many forms but in the case of this series it’s about completing what you start, finishing what you’ve quested for.  All of us can do that, if we want it bad enough.  Change isn’t easy but it’s possible.  How badly do you want to exceed your potential?


Savannah SSOD Race 1hr, November 9, 2019

  • volunteer: 5 points
  • First Place Male|Female each race – 1.0hr, 1.5hr: 10 points
  • run & finish 0.5hr: 5 points
  • run & finish 1.0hr: 10 points
  • run & finish 1.5hr: 15 points
  • run & finish 2 hr: 20 points

Daufuskie Island Ultra 13.1m|26.2m|39.3m

  • volunteer: 15 points
  • run and complete 13.1: 13.1 points
  • run and complete 26.2: 26.2 points
  • run and complete 39.3: 39.3 points
  • overall male/female winner of 13.1/26.2/39.3: 15 points each
  • 2nd place 25k/50k: 10 points
  • 3rd place 25k/50k: 5 points

CGG 155 Mile Ultra and CGG 100

Solo runners that complete the run will earn 155 points.  If a solo runner does not complete the cgg, he will be awarded points only for the counties he completely ran through.  Relay runners will get points for the counties they physically run through.  Ex: the two relay teammates that run that run through Chatham county, they each get the 10 points from that county (not the rest of their team).

  • Solo finisher cgg 155: 155 points
  • Solo finisher 100 miler: 100 points
  • Chatham county: 10 pts
  • Bryan county: 10 pts
  • Liberty county: 10 pts
  • Glynn county: 10 pts
  • McIntosh county: 10 pts
  • Camden county: 10 pts
  • volunteer: 10 points per day, 30 points total

DFL 24 Hour Ultra

  • Volunteer: 24 pts entire race; 12 pts half the race; 4 pts 2-4 hours
  • Run and complete 3 hr: 6 pts
  • Run and complete 6 hr: 12 pts
  • Run and complete 12 hr: 24 pts
  • Run and complete 24 hr: 48 pts
  • Relay 12 hr: 6 pts each team mate but team must complete their race
  • Relay 24 hr: 12 pts each team mate but team must complete their race
  • Winning relay team gets 20 additional points per teammate
  • Overall male/female winner 3, 6, 12 and 24 hrs: 20 pts
  • 2nd place 3/6/12 hr: 12 pts
  • 3rd place 3/6/12 hr: 8 pts

Savannah Sultry Swamp Run,

  • Volunteer: 3 pts
  • 5k: 15 pts
  • 10k: 18 pts
  • 20k: 25 pts
  • Overall male/female winner: 5k/10k/20k: 15 pts
  • 2nd place 5k/10k/20k: 7 points
  • 3rd place 5k/10k/20k: 4 points

The Grit 

  • volunteer: 2 points for every hour
  • overall male/female winner: 30 points
  • 2nd place male/female: 15 points
  • 3rd place male/female: 7 points
  • if you finish every stage: 75 points
  • if you run at least one stage: 10 points
  • if you win a stage: 10 points for each stage you win

a Run thru the Woods

  • volunteer: 3 pts
  • 5k: 10 points
  • 10k: 20 points
  • 15k: 30 points
  • overall winner male/female 5k, 10k, 15k: 15 points
  • 2nd place 5k|10k|15k: 10 points
  • 3rd place 5k|10k|15k: 5

Savannah Urban 50k 26.2 relay

  • finishers: 31 points
  • 26.2: 26.2 points
  • 10 points for relay

TybeeBum 55k

  • 55k: 20 points
  • 31k: 15 points
  • plog: 10 points

Badder Marsh (share your results with me for credit)

  • 50k: 10 points
  • 25k: 5 points

Rough Runners Moonlit runs, (120 points if you run once every month)

  • once a month: 10 points for each month

2019 Challenges: must provide proof with gps map(s) and time durations. Strava and garmin stats are accepted.

  • SSOD 50 mile in 30 day challenge: 30 points
  • SSOD 25k in one day: 25 points
  • SSOD 13.1 miles in one day: 13.1 points
  • SSOD 26.2 miles in one day: 26.2 points
  • SSOD 50k in one day: 50 points
  • SSOD 100k in one day: 62 points
  • SSOD 100 miles in 24 hours: 100 points
  • midnight summer moonlight marathon: 26.2 points (date to be announced at a later time). There will be a fee for this, I’m afraid.
  • run 200 miles in one month: 20 points
  • run 400 miles in one month: 40 points
  • Tire run 50k challenge in 30 days: 30 points
  • Wormsloe mile: 5 points for completing; 1st place male/female: 10pts, 2nd place male/female: 5pts, 3rd place male/female: 3 pts.
  • bike cgg 155: 75 points
  • This challenge is temporarily cancelled as the island is closed off from the public until the lighthouse’s restoration is completed. If you have already done this challenge you will receive your points.  Kayak to Cockspur Island from Lazaretto Creek, take a selfie on the lighthouse steps and return. post on social media with hashtag: #roughrunnersofinstagram: 25 points
  • swim to little tybee and back: 10 points
  • Trek across Shark tooth island from end to end (east to west): 100 points
  • Kayak to shark tooth island and bring back a shark tooth. post picture of tooth and map of kayak course to social media with hashtag: #roughrunnersofinstagram: 20 points
  • Run/swim the entire island of Little Tybee: 25 points
  • Kayak completely around Little Tybee, starting at Alley 3 boat ramp and ending there:  45 points
  • CGG by kayak (kayak Georgia coast): 100 points
  • The Viking Quest: Depart on kayak from Butter Bean beach, land on Priest Landing, run 5k through Priest landing trails, -then, run to Butter Bean Beach via road: 25 points
  • New Year’s day run and plunge.  Run at least 3 miles and take a plunge in the Atlantic Ocean on New Year’s day: 10 points.  If you just taking the plunge or just running: 5 points

The Seven Summits Challenge

This special challenge is set aside from the other challenges because of it’s difficulty.  You have two options – literally climb the 7 summits or run the elevation gains equivalent of the 7 summits.  Neither option will be easy but the run will be financially less burdensome.   To attain your goal, you may use stair master, treadmill, parking garages, bridges, stairs, mountains, building stairwells.  As long as you can definitively prove that you’ve gained the elevation of each of each of the summits you will get credit. The points are awarded for each elevation milestone.  Aconcagua is 22841 feet tall.  Reach that elevation gain and you will be awarded 22 points.  The next mountain you choose you start back at zero (0) elevation.  Get the elevation for the next one and you get those points.  For this challenge, you have all of 2019 to accomplish it.  You will get credit (and points) for the individual mountains elevations you’ve earned.  You may climb/run these elevations in whatever order you’d like.

  1. Aconcagua 22,841′ : 22 points
  2. Kilimanjaro 19,341′ : 19 points
  3. Everest 29,029′ : 29 points
  4. Denali 20,308′ : 20 points
  5. Mount Elbrus 18,510′ : 18 points
  6. Vinson Massif 16,050′ : 16 points
  7. Mount Kosciuszko 7,310′ : 7 points
  8. Extra credit: Puncak Jaya 16,024′ : 16 points

Total points for 7 Summits plus bonus mountain: 147


  • Trail maintenance up to 12 hours of work in one year: 12 pts
  • Shoes and socks $25 donation: 10 pts
  • can drive for food shelter or animal rescue shelter: 1 point per can (up to 25 max).
  • Beach or forest trash pickup.  For every hour you pick up trash you get 3.5 points.  You have to prove with pictures and gps map, time and distance that you picked up garbage.
  • feed the homeless: 5 points for every time you do this, – up to 60 points for the year.


  • Top 2 point earners get awards & merchandise.
  • Awards will be medals and certificates and products

Merchandise will be:

  1. top points: Arcteryx goretex jacket Norvan running
  2. 2nd place points: Arcteryx Motus Crew neck shirt
  3. 3rd place points: $25 gift card fleet feet

Race Series: Scorecard