Savannah Urban Ultra 50K Registration Requirement

The Savannah Urban Ultra 50k Fatass is returning in 2023 but with a new requirement to be allowed to participate in it. The run is still free but the run is capped at a total of 25 runners. Anyone may register for the run that takes place on Saturday, November 25th but in order to be admitted into the run you must answer a simple question: Why would you like to run a free 50k through Savannah, Georgia?

The first twenty-five folks to email their answer will be pushed through from the waitlist and be registered. We’ll then post the best answers on the Rough Runners website blog. 

Now, moving onto business, here are some of the answers for this year’s registered runners:

Hey Sav 50k team!

I would love to run with you all again this year, the Savannah Urban 50k in 2019 was my first ultra and have had a great time exploring this world ever since!

To specifically answer the question as to why I should be chosen to run is my Western States lotto fell through, I can’t complete the Barkley and the VT 100 is too far away!

Thanks for the chance – Joel Atkinson

Hey Dan! So thankful to see the Savannah Urban 50k back on ultra signup! This race has become a staple in our fall calendar for 3 years now. We love the town of Savannah, but it is best experienced on FOOT!

The sentimental reason I want to be back out there with you guys this year is because of nostalgia really…  this was actually my first ultra that initiated me into the wonderful world of ULTRA! My best friend Joel Atkinson(who was actually not my best friend at the time) invited me to join him last minute for a free race! I didn’t think I could finish at the time but, hey, it was free! Joel was just another guy I knew from our workouts. We began talking one day and he told me that he was running a 50K the next week and asked me to come! I was like LETS GO!!! Man I was so stoked! We hung together for the entire 31 miles and have grown into best friends since. Covering thousands of miles together! It all started back at that ultra in the fall of 2020! Good things did come from 2020! 😉 Thank you for considering my invitation! We appreciate all you and Kerry bring to this sport for our low country!

Patrick O’Tuel

1. Because Jason Edenfield needs company

2. Because you finally picked a weekend that isn’t the ONLY Saturday of the year I have to work

3. Because I’m me 😁

Jennifer Smith

Why do I want to run Savannah Urban 50k? 
I think there are way too many reason to list but I will attempt regardless.

  1. I love Savannah. It’s a beautiful city and I would love the opportunity to take a running city tour instead of just being another tourist and walk all over. 
  2. You have fantastic finisher award: custom made, unique and not a typical “cookie-cutter” medal that would just collect dust in a drawer somewhere.
  3. I love format of adventure run (not a race). Have done Charleston 100 twice and Charleston 50 (inaugural) and absolutely loved this format. Such a fun feeling of adventure, even if throughout concrete jungle of a city. It’s fun running by old buildings, monuments, and people.
  4. As a runner I love taking lots of photos during my runs and races and this would be a great opportunity to capture beautiful city of Savannah on the go. The same way as I did during Charleston 10 and Charleston 100.
  5. It would be pretty awesome to do Savannah 50k, then Charleston 50 mi the weekend after, and then 3 weeks later do Charleston 100 mi. Would be a great way to close out 2023.
  6. Lastly, I actually signed up for this event last year but was unable to do it due to work travel. Of several missed races this is the one I feel like I missed out on the most.

I would love to get selected for this event and would love to take lots of photos to document this adventure along the way.

Pavel Mosneaguta

I want to run Urban 50k because y’all are my favorite people! Why else would I come up to volunteer for Bronze Dragonfly? 


Love to you all,


Siri Khalsa

Why do I want to run the Fatass 50k? Because it’s hands down the premier race in Savannah! Homegrown AF! It might not have the twangy cheese of the old Rock n’ Roll days, or the up-turned noses of the Skidaway Marathon, but it does have one thing that racing in Savannah can’t count on without the Rough Runners involvement; a sense of adventure!

The beautiful parks, the inviting cemeteries, the polite tourists with their honking, Florida-plated cars and flying to-go cups–where else can you see the best of what Savannah has to offer while simultaneously enjoying a long, sidewalkless death waddle?

Frankly, I am embarrassed to call myself a Savannah runner having never run it before, but timing has not been on my side the last 2 years I’ve been here. Let’s change that!

Joe Buckler, M.F.A.(he, him, his)

While I can tell you simply pick me because I’m awesome I’m going to share with you briefly why I run. 

I run because it’s hard it’s not easy for me. It’s challenging and every single run I prove to myself I can and will do hard things. 

When I was 17 I was pregnant with my oldest son. My parents disowned me. Told me I was a disappointment, that I had ruined my life, and that I would never amount to anything. 

Fast forward 23 years. My son is an FSU prelaw graduate. I graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business. I make above 6 figures. Have 3 beautiful sons and a granddaughter. My parents? They refuse to choose to be in any of our lives including their grandchildren because they refuse to admit they were wrong. 

While the motivation for my life’s successes may have been misplaced, their abandonment fueled me to prove that I CAN and WILL do hard things in this life until the day I die. 

So with all that said, even if you don’t pick me, count me in to volunteer to support the rest of the runners. Because I WILL cheer for others and encourage success any opportunity I get. 

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk. 


Nicole Sloan

I wanna run the sav urban 50k for lots of reasons but 1, I love all the rough runners runners ! 2, I love running all over this city 3, I almost shit my pants last year so I need a lil redemption! No matter if I get in or not this will always be one of my faves ! 

Bradley Setzer 🤠

if it is possible, could i run the savanna urban ultra? my reason is this race is special to me because you (Dan and Kerry) are special to me. I have run it before and loved it.
Kevin Jones

I would like the chance to complete the race in less time than I did a year ago! Enjoy time with the best runners in Savannah Georgia!

Also to see how far I can push this old body! Nearing 60 inspires me to keep going after new goals!

Not only that it’s free!!!

Tommy Faye Rogers

This is a long shot and hope I’m not too late. But this was my first ever ultra.I love the course and had so much fun! I’d like to run this race again. 

Thank you,

Chris Feuger 

I ran this race in 2021 and had an absolute blast! Unfortunately, I had to miss 2022 and it got me thinking. I compared your race to a few of the other ultras in my area trying to figure out why I had so much fun at yours. Then it dawned on me, the ultras around here feel too pallid. Who needs to run on neatly marked courses away from traffic? I played enough Frogger in my day to take care of myself. Why close down an entire bridge like the Talmadge when we can just run in the breakdown lane? Knowing how far I have to run to reach an aid station to refill my water is boring. I miss the adventure you offer and desperately want to experience it again with my friends. Also, I’ll drive 800 miles to run it so that has to count for something. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to see you in November.


John Schramm

Laura, Adam, and Jason are GOING to run Urban if you like it or not. If you don’t, the following may happen:

1. No aid station.

2. No fun.

3. Dude, it’s us, we’ve run them all. Try and stop us.

4. Just let is in, can you imagine if you didn’t? It would suck.

5. We’d revolt. Probably, your wife would leave you.

6. We’ll send a more genuine response later, but let’s be honest, it’s the last day of school, I taught your daughter who loves me, and I’m drunk. And teachers deserve consideration. 

7. Are you really going to ban Jason? He’s an RD ffs.

8. You wouldn’t bam us, we know where you live and we helped you move. Twice.

9. I need a new Jason tile in my collection. Only after I’ve acquired 5 may I own his soul.

10. Dude, you’re making us do this? Seriously? Savannah would burn down if we didn’t run the urban.


Laura, Adam

I would love to run the Savannah Urban 50K again! I gave it a try a few years ago, but unfortunately I didn’t finish. Savannah is a beautiful city with breathtaking views and I would love to have another opportunity to run through this historic city. So much to see!! If you even blink, you will surely miss something that was meant to be seen. Also, I really really want one of those finisher plaques 🙂 that would be so awesome!! Maybe I won’t get lost this year either….shhhh don’t tell anyone.

Kelly Lee

Good evening 

Responding to your post.

I would enjoy running this race in preparation for the Dragonfly as a means to remember my ultimate new goal for next year. #keepmovingandimproving #noeasyday 

In addition, knowing more of what to expect, your race company is exceptionally well planned and detailed oriented with all runners in mind. 

All races and racers should always have skin in the game as it what always motivates us to do better and be better.



James Boyce

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