Lowcountry Home Brewed Running

Rough Runners is starting a once a month group run! Can you say, Woot! Woot!?

Every month (a Saturday or Sunday), we’ll travel to a town in the lowcountry where we will hold a group run from preferably a coffee shop or near one. The run distances will range from 5 kilometers to 10 kilometers (sometimes, maybe more). Afterwards, we want to spend a little time chatting over coffee and, perhaps breakfast.  The most important aspect of this, though, is that we want to spend time and share miles with you on your turf. After all, Rough Runners is about community, running, exploration and adventure.  And, you come to us for the races we host. So, we now want to go to you!

If you want your Lowcountry location to be added to one of the future LHBR group runs please let us know! We want to run your turf with you!

Running Locations (so far):

Take care, be well and, run happy!

much love, much peace…