Wormsloe Half and 10k


We are excited to host the Wormsloe Half and 10k in beautiful, iconic Wormsloe State Site in Savannah, GA! You get to run through Wormsloe Historic Site, one of the most beautiful, historically and nature-rich locations in the US. It’s a beautiful place to explore and run!

You will run through the old primitive colonial village giving you an idea of how some folks lived in the early 1800’s. The course you will run on is almost exclusively trail and gravel pathway. The course takes you along the shoreline of beautiful Shipyard Creek and the Skidaway River.

Outside of Wormsloe, you find yourself in beautiful Isle of Hope with lots of local restaurants to celebrate your run afterwards.

Important Race Information

  • Race date: Saturday, September 21, 2024
  • Race location: 7601 Skidaway Rd, Savannah, GA 31406
  • Race distances: 10k, 13.1 miles
  • Race start: 7:30 am for the 13.1 miles; 7:40 am for the 10k.
  • Race Parking: Main parking lot at Wormsloe and, at the Isle of Hope School (across the street from Wormsloe main entrance).
  • Course terrain: trail and gravel road. The course is not very rooty but it is rooty enough to not be stroller friendly. Elevation is minimal.
  • Race Registration: RunSignup
  • Packet Pickup on September 20th at Game Changers, 8872 Ford Ave, #207, Richmond Hill, GA 31324, 10:00 am – 7:00 pm. If you cannot pickup your packet on Friday before the race please contact [email protected] to arrange packet pickup on race day.
  • Race is four hours long. You may take up until 11:30 AM to finish your race and get a finisher medal.

Race Course

Course is 6.55 miles

Mostly trails consisting of dirt, and tree roots. Some areas are more rooty than others.
Course is flat, with minimal elevation changeā€¦ Like sea level flat.
Absolutely beautiful, probably breathtaking, especially if you’re running.
Hydration stations on course
Course is not stroller friendly



Aid Stations and Water Stations

There will be one aid station at the start|finish providing water, roctane, bananas, watermelon, gels.

There will be two water stations on the course providing water, roctane and gels.


  • Every registered runner will get a 32 oz Nalgene bottle.
  • Every finisher will get a beautiful Wormsloe medal
  • Awards will be given to the top 3 male and female of the 13.1 miles and 10k races.


Race Rules

  • No cheating. If caught cheating runner(s) will be disqualified.
  • No littering. If caught intentionally littering runner(s) will be disqualified.
  • You may wear headphones during race but the volume of what you are listening too should not be so great that you cannot hear if someone calls out to you. Any music/media you listen to should be for your ears only (wear headphones rather than blast out your music or podcast/audiobook for everyone else to hear).
  • No form of vandalism of natural and historical items will be tolerated. If this happens runner(s) will be disqualified and reported to the State Park officials.
  • No unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated. Runner(s) will be disqualified for that behavior.
  • Rain will not stop the race. If thunderstorms develop race will be halted until thunder and lightning stops. If thunderstorms are predicted prior to race we will consult with the state park rangers and determine what action to be taken.
  • Runners are expected to practice proper trail running etiquette. Meaning, slower runners to the right, faster runners to the left of the trail. Runners should not block the trail during race. Runners must call out before passing any runners or visitors in the park during the race.
  • Wildlife must be respected and left alone. If caught harassing wildlife runner(s) will be disqualified.
  • As with all Rough Runners events, this event is a cupless race meaning, no paper, nor plastic cups will be provided to runners. This is to minimize littering and single use paper cups and plastics.

Runners, please be mindful that park is open to non-racers and visitors.

Nearby places to eat after your run…

  • 5 Spot
  • Tequilla Town
  • Driftaway Cafe
  • Auspicious Baking Company
  • Cutters Point Coffee
  • Jalapenos