It’s the Little Things…

Some times, the little things speak volumes. With the 2024 Bronze Dragonfly 30 Hour Ultra we’re adding a few small details to the race bibs. The first thing you will notice with the BDF bibs is the “continue on” statement prominently displayed above the runners’ names. That motto/mantra is a very significant and powerful statement especially for those that have suffered great loss, grief and mental health illness. It is also a statement with a very powerful motive for ultra running. Anyone that runs knows that running is elating. Running is also challenging and difficult especially when going after ultra distances. “Continue on” speaks loudly to each of us. It keeps us grounded and pushes us to grind on…

“Continue on” urges us to go on despite the discomfort and difficulty because, it will get better, slowly but surely. We just have to continue to put one foot in front of the other. Over time, the mileage will reflect our triumphs in overcoming the discomfort we’re going through. “Continue on” keeps us hopeful. And being hopeful plays a huge part in our ever present need to move onward and forward.

If you have run 100 miles in any of our ultra distance events you are automatically in our Rough Runners 100 mile club. So, whether you’ve run 100 miles in a prior year at the BDF 30 hour ultra or another Rough Runner’s event, your BDF race bib will have our RR 100 mile club logo on it.

If you have buckled at BDF previously, you will have a small icon of the 30hr or 24hr (or both) buckle designs for BDF. BDF, as you may know, offers two belt buckle options – one for any runner that runs 100 miles in under 30 hours and the other, if you happen to run 100 miles in less than 24 hours. As an example, Josh Patterson, ran 100 miles at BDF in under 30 hours two years ago. Last year, he reached the 100 mile threshold in 22 hours. So, on Josh’s bib he has two 100 mile buckle icons, – one for the 30 hour 100 mile achievement and one for the 100 miles in under 24 hours. Josh is signed up for the 30 hour time frame again this year. I look forward to witnessing what milestone he’ll reach this year! Josh is one very disciplined and determined runner.

Also on the BDF race bibs, you’ll see black ink numbers on the right side of many of the race bibs. Those numbers reflect the total number of miles returning BDF runners have run at this event. Using Josh as an example again, he has run a total of 207.2 miles at the Bronze Dragonfly ultra in the past. Every year you run BDF that black ink number will increase.

In all, these are small details we’re adding to your personalized race bibs for the Bronze Dragonfly ultra. With these small details, we remember and celebrate all of your former milestones at the BDF ultra and we will be there encouraging you to continue on.

Thank you all for coming back again and again and running the Bronze Dragonfly 30 hour ultra year after year! We appreciate you all tremendously.

Take care, be well and run happy.

much love…