Savannah Rails to Trails 50k|25k

It is official now…the Savannah Rails to Trails 50k|25k is coming back for another run of the gamut. The race will return November 2, 2024. 

You may download the .gpx file of the course from the mapmyrun course link below.

Course: mapmyrun course    
The course is 15.51 miles.  Most of the Savannah Rails to Trails will be part of the course with the remainder on Fort Pulaski grounds. Please note that the course may be altered if the RTT suffers any significant erosion between now and race day. The terrain is mostly unpaved trails, grassy dykes, hardpacked dirt and limestone. The dykes comprise short, compact grass. There’s approximately 0.5 to 1 mile on paved asphalt. The asphalt section of the course is on the road bridge leading out of Fort Pulaski to the RTT and then back.

Start of race:

The race will begin and end in the back, northern shore of the Fort Pulaski National Monument (near the Fort Pulaski park headquarters). The start|finish has a beautiful backdrop of the northern channel of the Savannah River.

Fort Pulaski National Monument will open at 5:30 am on race day only for registered runners, race personnel and those that have pre-purchased park entry passes. If family and friends are coming with the runner they must pre-purchase their entry fees…otherwise, they will not be allowed into the park until 9:00 am when the park is open to the public.

Race Registration:

Race registration is open on

Entrance to Fort Pulaski is $10 per person. Race registration will cover the park entry fee for each runner. Everyone else will have to pay the $10 fee. 16 and under are allowed in the park for free. Guests/family of runners are advised to pre-purchase their entry to Fort Pulaski online as the race will begin two hours before the park is officially open to the public.  That means, a race start of 7:00 am.

Parking | Restrooms

Aid Stations and Water stations

There will be two aid stations along with two water stations on the course. Aid Station 1 is at the start|finish. Aid Station 2 is located at the Savannah RTT (McQueen’s Island Historical Trail) trailhead (2.47 mile and/or 13.18 mile mark). The aid stations will have typical ultra foods (cookies, chips, soda pop, pb&j sandwiches, fruit, etc), GU gels, salt tabs, water, roctane. If race day is hot there will be an ice chest filled with ice also. Aid Station 2 will also have at least, one toilet.

Water Station 1 is located at 0.6 mile and 14.82 mile intersection. Water Station 2 is at the turn-around on McQueen’s Island Historical Trail, 8 mile mark. The water stations will have water, roctane, GU gels, salt tabs.

All aid stations and water stations will also have a 1st aid kit if needed.


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Sponsorship for this event will help in maintaining the Savannah Rails to Trails (McQueen’s Island Historical Trail) and help pay for the soon to come McQueen’s Island Historical Trail enter sign.

Thank you!